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Aqua Planet has been designated as a Marine Animals Rescue and Rehabilitation Center by the Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries.

With branch centers in Yeosu and Jeju, Aqua Planet operates a professional rescue and rehabilitation task force to provide prompt, systematic rescue for stranded animals. We rescue marine animals injured for in many ways, including due to fixed shore nets and, if necessary, our professional veterinarians diagnose and treat them using the appropriate clinical methods. Treated animals are kept under the protection of professional personnel until they are fully recovered for release back into the wild.

The Marine Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Center is an accredited organization with the appropriate facilities and professional personnel for the rescue and rehabilitation of injured marine animals.

Many marine animals are losing their natural habitats due to pollution and climate change and suffering injury and stranding for various reasons. In some cases wild animals are found to be unable to enjoy their freedom without the assistance of people.
Designated as a specialized center by The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Aqua Planet Yeosu and Jeju are doing their utmost to ensure that injured and stranded animals in nearby waters can be rescued, treated, and safely released back into the ocean.

* Relevant bill : ‘Conservation and Management of Marine Ecosystems Act’ Article 18View the relevant bill