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The ocean, which covers 70% of the earth’s surface, and holds unlimited resources, is the starting point of the global ecosystem.

The ocean provides us with our basic environment, offers us peace of mind, and arouses our curiosity. However, one cannot fully experience the marvelous environment of the sea without special equipment or training. In order to offer a taste of this experience, the aquarium was created.

At present, aquariums are capable of imitating the natural environment and fully exhibiting sea-life, in addition to reproducing an environment for sea-life to interact fully.

Spectators get the opportunity to watch how sea creatures actually live. The Aquariums also play a significant role in protecting and preserving ocean species endangered due to industrialization.

Hanwha Hotels & Resorts which is a leading company in the South Korean aquarium business, established the Hanwha Marine Biology Research Center in May, 2010. The institute’s goal is to provide the ideal value, with people and nature coexisting in harmony, by preserving and protecting marine life.

As a professional marine life research center associated with the aquarium, we endeavor to offer visitors authentic marine life experiences to bring about an awareness of the importance of preserving nature, and provides a natural habitat for marine life.


Hanwha Marine Biology Research Center Director - HAN, WON MIN