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Conservation Institution other than Habitats

63Seaworld and Aqua Planet Yeosu, Jeju and Ilsan are not just focused on marine animal exhibits, but are doing their utmost to promote the welfare and preservation of the animals.

Various solutions have been suggested for the sustainable use of living resources around the world. Korea has agreed to Convention on Biological Diversity and is executing diverse strategies to protect organisms and the environment nationwide. Considering today’s needs of biodiversity conservation, Hanwha Marine Biology Research Center is striving for the conservation of Marine life as well.

Ex-situ Conservation means the conservation of organisms in places other than their natural habitats takes place when it is difficult to preserve them in their environment, in order to protect them through intensive management and help them reproduce in an institute. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries can designate certain institutes to be Ex-situ Conservation Institute evaluation, when there is a need for certain organisms to be conserved in places other than their natural habitats.

The designated institute operates an optimal facility for the conservation of organisms and conducts research on breeding and the environment under the responsibility of professional keepers.

* Relevant Bill: Conservation and Management of Marine Ecosystems Act Article 17 View the relevant bill